*The third installment, written for Wisteria & Sunshine in May. It is interesting to look back and see how the ideas for my Daybook were beginning to emerge. And now, I am a few days away from putting my Wild Simplicity Daybook on the shelves of my Etsy shop!

In the original post, I created several poll questions, which don’t work here. But do please share what you are longing for in a planner/notebook. I am always interested to hear such details, and will be designing new booklets on a regular basis and will be able to incorporate new ideas quite easily…one of the beauties of both creating and using the Daybook that has evolved from its beginnings first written about here…*


“And after all, Marianne, after all that is bewitching in the idea of a single and constant attachment, and all that can be said of one’s happiness depending entirely on any particular person, it is not meant — it is not fit — it is not possible that it should be so.”

-Elinor Dashwood, Sense and Sensibility

Jane Austen

Since encountering a young woman’s unexpected wisdom about notebooks, I’ve been “bewitched” by the idea of the One Daybook for Lesley. If you take a journey through my thoughts on the subject of daybooks just here at Wisteria & Sunshine, you will see all the twists and turns I’ve taken. I’m pretty clear now, tho’, on my desire to keep all of the household and daily tasks in my Circle of Days and most everything else in the yet-to-be-created Daybook.

It would really just be the furthering of what I am trying to do in my home and online and every corner of my life…pare down, consolidate, integrate…


Here’s are the approaches I am narrowing in towards, amongst all of the many choices out there in the world. Mine have certain requirements, some universal, some just for me. The first priority for me is that the ingredients be earth-friendly, which greatly narrows down the field. the second is that the whole thing be versatile and adaptable (to my ever-changing whims…ahem…needs and creativity). The third is the trickiest, because I want to be able to produce it in quantity. If it was just something I was making for myself, it would be so much simpler!

-Something I am playing with is the idea of a selection of booklets, or just groupings of paper, that can be easily and only temporarily bound within a fabric/cardboard cover. I’ve experimented with string and ribbon, but they have their drawbacks. I know that elastic of some sort would work and believe that these are put together that way, but I’ve yet to figure it out. I was glad to find that page, to see how someone else is manifesting the idea of an assortment of types of pages put together in one notebook, and will keep working on my own. The cover could have a pocket or two.


My antique portfolio inspired my current favorite approach, which includes a pocket to hold a selection of loose pages (I really do prefer the freedom of individual pages and can imagine that pocket holding some watercolor sheets, cardstock, lined pages and blank ones) and a section for a pad of paper or a clip to hold the equivalent in loose pages.

-A more usual planner style, bound with rings, like you’ve seen many versions of here over the years (including this video-password “daybook”). It is certainly versatile and more straightforward and easy to create…but I continue to feel unfriendly towards binder rings lately. : )


Now it is your turn to tell me about what you are seeking in a Daybook. Let us disagree with Elinor’s pronouncement and believe there is one Single Constant and Particular approach (if not notebook!). After all, Elinor did end up with her SC & P, didn’t she? Please share what your ideal planner/daybook would look like and/or what you are using and happy with at the moment. If you’ve stayed with the same approach over the years, we would love to know the details.


For those who aren’t in the mood to put words together into a reply, I will fashion some poll questions that might give us an understanding of these ponderings…


Family of James and Marguerite McBey; (c) Family of James and Marguerite McBey; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation



With paper heart fluttering, I will be looking for your responses as we consider how to bloom with our ways of organizing and cherishing certain details of our lives…

-Wisteria & Sunshine

May 2015