Hello…I’m Lesley. I lived all over as a child, but have been grateful to make my home in the gently rolling countryside of Virgina for the past thirty years. I live in a patchwork house of very old and very new with my deario Douglas and (currently) a lively dog and one elderly hen. Our sons have flown the nest, tho’ they come home often and I take pleasure in keeping our home always ready to embrace them again. I spend my days working from home, tending my lovely online places and creating papery goodness in my studio, tending myself with walks in the fields and woods, playing with paper or just staring out the window.

After years of homeschooling my children, and taking care of my mother the last years of her life, I have found myself in a chrysalis-season. Life feels somewhat messy and unformed at times, with beautiful possibilities ahead. Tho’ as always,¬†there is plenty of everyday beauty to be found right now…and it is my honor and pleasure to share much of what I am discovering in all of the creations that are now gathered in this one nest on the web.

The photo above is my current favorite of me…it was taken by my husband who caught me taking a photo of the front yard. It is rare for him to take pictures, so it is precious for that reason. I like it because it is me from the back, which I am always more comfortable with, and because I am doing something I love. But did you know that “they” say that your website should always have a photo of your smiling face? So here is mine…

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