I am writing a series of posts this week at Wisteria & Sunshine that share some of what I’ve been discovering on this healing journey. It’s been so rich and deep in the midst of the strain and hardship. And I’ll share a bit of it here when I return from the journey I am taking on roads and through mountains this week to Tennessee for a family gathering.

This photo evokes much of what is in my heart and mind lately, tho’ it may only be obvious to me? I hope to be able to explain in words and pictures in posts to come. But it is harder work than I thought it would be…to bring what is inside and perhaps only a feeling or quick glimpse…outside of me into solid words and phrases.

“During midlife, the desire to be real to ourselves, which comes from our soul, contributes to the crises we unconsciously create when we do not consciously acknowledge that we do not feel vital and authentic. There is an internal impetus to become a whole person and when we spend time in the metaphorical forest and the actual forest or natural world, we are exposed to the possibility of retrieval and growth of our instinctual nature, our spiritual connection with Nature, and our sense of oneness with the universe.”

-Jean Shinoda Bolen

Crossing to Avalon