…when the buds forgot to bloom.”

Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

No matter how or when the Spring arrives, this
is always true…and, therefore, comforting.

We have been experiencing days of chill and wind, days
of warmth and gentle breezes, days of rain and mist…and
I am loving all of them and enjoying the constant

Do you see that deep yellow feather? It was amongst my presents
on my birthday morn, found by my husband as he and our sons
picked my birthday daffodils in the woods.

We believe it to be the tail feather of a Flicker.

I hope that everyone can find a token of Spring
to cheer the days ahead.

My days just ahead will be as variable as the
Spring weather, for tomorrow is my last show
(a very little one, in conjunction with the Festival
of the Book in Charlottesville), and my mom
is going to stay with one of her oldest and dearest
friends (so we shall each have a little time apart
for the first time in months), I have many orders
to fill (from the rummage sale and last online
orders) and then I will be re-acquainting
myself with the privileged state of being
mostly a home-maker (for a time!)….
busy-ness and ease…busyness and ease.

A gorgeous Spring to all!

(and a beautiful Autumn to Sarah and those
on the other side of the world)