…too quickly it seems, but time often feels like that, doesn’t it?
I will soon be out of my Wimbledon cave…
…and I have handled and accomplished and completed most every little technical and creative challenge that has come my way in the past weeks with my two online endeavours. So I believe I may finally have some time to post here more often.
And by the way, with the help of my tech-guy in England, there are now monthly subscriptions available for my Post, for a very small charge, should you want to be able to send messages like the one above to those who would love to receive it. 
And have you noticed the new banner? I hope to have more time to write here because there is so much to say….this getting older is such a rich and messy and gorgeous and complicated time. The new banner speaks of this to me…of the transformation I feel I am in the midst of…of the ever-present and deepening need for my wood and brick home and this earth, our home…and so much else.
A few more little tasks, the sketching out of a simple summer rhythm, and I hope you will see me writing here again…very soon. 
A lovely July to all.