We were half-way to Williamsburg, my mom and I, when
my cell phone rang. I pulled into a parking lot in West Point
and listened to my husband’s news that the chicks we had
ordered had come early! He was on his way to work and
there was no one at home to go and pick them up at the
post office. After various thoughts were hurriedly shared
for consideration, I quickly realized that I just had to let go
of the day I had planned-appointments, respite club and
exercise class for my mom, grocery shopping, alone-time
at my favorite coffee shop to write a blog post-and turn
the car around and go fetch these…

….an easy decision really, or it seemed so once I clapped
eyes upon this little party.

If the rest of today is any indication, my to-do list will
be languishing as I spend unmeasured minutes and hours
with my chin upon my arm, fondly watching our carefully
chosen chicks in their warm bower.

P.S. The chick varieties (for those who might be interested) are
Speckled Sussex, Buff Orpington, Delaware, Barred Rock,
Ameraucana and Welsummer.