Quiet here, but happy.
I wanted to share these photos before
we are too far from golden summer…
and because I thought you might like
to see how my “little women” have

Little hens all in a row-
Juniper, Audrey, Gwyn, Jane and Maya

In step : )

They do have me wrapped around their little fingers…
ummm….toes. Did you know that chicken’s feet are
wonderfully warm? I discovered this when they were smaller
and would gently walk across me when I was reclining
in the grass.

I bring them tiny bouquets of green clover, which they
delicately nibble from my fingers. And tho’ they are a bit
more independent these days and don’t stay near for long
when I come to visit…we have lovely conversations and
the autumn air is warmed by their murmurings.