Wash on the line, phone calls finished, some decisions
made (and lunch, as well), Mom safely in bed for her nap,
some gardening accomplished and a pile of tax paperwork
awaiting me on the low table in the living room…

…which I walked right past as I slipped into my studio
with the softly glowing certainty that this was the perfect
time to watch Bright Star. It had been waiting for me to
get to that perfect moment for the past few weeks…and
here it was. For an hour or so (I haven’t finished it yet)
I was steeped in muted light, billowing fabrics, tangled
flowers and gentle depths….dreamy.

Earlier in the day, when I pulled the heavy, dusty cosmos
from their bed in the hot sun…it was good. I saved the few
flowers and fed the greens to the goats. And the prettiness
of the delicate flowers against the pebbled outdoor shower
was worth the fetching of the camera.

But even better was the pot of flowers in front of the
golden-green fields, and my son next to me helping
me experiment with bokeh. After a few tries, this
was rather lovely to see…

….but eventually, I was able to capture…


Sometimes I forget, in the satisfaction of day-to-dayness,
and the little get-aways of novel and film…that there is
something in between….real, but with a poetic gleam. Or real,
but mysterious… like dreams. I am being pulled by my sleeping
dreams lately…falling asleep quickly, sleeping late rather often
(tho’ I had intended to start a New Habit of early rising!)…just
to see what my dreams have to say to me. The language of of
my dreams is not easy to translate, but it is
interesting to try.

So if I am slow to answer emails or even to post here
these days, it may not just be the stacks of paperwork or
the building decisions claiming my attention….I may be
spending some dreamy moments in a slightly out-of-focus
but very beautiful world.