When I discovered this blog and read this post early in
the year, I was inspired and intrigued….but I suppose it
wasn’t the right time for me to actually take action upon it.
But the past week has found me longing to catalogue
and keep track of quite a number of things….but
especially my attempts to create a better
pattern for my days.

I thought of keeping a list here in the sidebar
of The Bower, but when I tried it, it looked too
cluttered. And you know I like to keep it serene
around here. So when I revisited Listography this
week and really took a look around, I got really
excited at the possibilities. You would think a
notebook would be my first choice…but

-there are
just so many things that I would like to chronicle

-and many might be of interest or help to others

-and I can make my page pretty and inviting

-and there is the possibility of comments

-and accountability

-and so much room to grow, yet it can all
be in one compact little place

It makes me feel like this room made me feel
when we found it as were exploring Belmont this March….
peaceful, spare, with the promise of interesting thoughts
and writings within its airy walls.

So, if you are interested, you may peek at my
list by clicking the new little button to the right.
I know that many more lists will sprout there
in the days and weeks to come.

Oh! And I think I have sorted out another problem,
and that is responding to comments. I want to respond
to each and every one, of course, but cannot always
manage it. And then the switch to blogger comments
makes it even more of a challenge, because it doesn’t link
to your email address. So I am beginning to experiment
with visiting your blogs and leaving a comment in return.
It is rather lovely to be wandering so many lanes and
leaving a little something in your mailboxes in your
…when time and our achingly slow
dial-up connection allow.

And you may be sure that one of my “lesley lists”
will be all of the blogs I visit and those who are
kind enough to link my blog to theirs.
Ah….a place for everything and everything
in its place.