Christmas Eve in the kitchen…peeling potoatoes
plucking off sprouts and stirring up the gravy
for our traditional Christmas Day vegetarian
shepherds pie (shepherds-get it?)…

Cheese scones waiting in the freezer to
be baked. Tins of fudge and Special K Cookies
(don’t ask-more badness-but so scrumptious!).
Little quiches in the fridge to accompany the
doughnuts and coffee and eggnog for the sweet
morning hours around the tree.

All day between sink and cooker
and baking table…with a quick dash
to the garden to look for fresh sage,
and a relaxing half-hour on the sofa
with my magazine and a bowl of snowy
vanilla ice cream.

And then some evening moments by
the fireplace, in the candlelight eating supper,
adorning the tree, watching It’s a Wonderful
Life, writing this post.

Such riches…but the best gift of all is
that we are all safe and together under one
roof for a precious little while. Tho’ I’ve
just tucked my mom into bed for the third
time tonight, she is home and whole and
we are not where we were last year at this
. Tho’ the filling of my eldest’s
stocking this year is as much made up of
my hopes and blessings for his happiness
and success as it is the tangerines and
tokens, he is here within arms’ reach
and eye’s glanceand that
will do for now.

The candles are burning low and
morning will soon arrive, so I will
leave you with deep and warm wishes
that you have a day of contentment
and happiness.

You are a gift to me!