I did not go.


The snow was not bad at all here, but it was much worse
up north and the “treacherous travel” in the headlines
made it seem that the wisest choice was to stay at home.
That was such a hard decision! Decisions made upon
speculation and wondering always are…but in the wee
hours of the morning on Friday, that is what I had to go

So I did not get to lay my eyes on Jane’s letters, or
adventure and spend long hours in talk with my dear
friend. What I did get, however, thanks to my husband
(who knew my disappointment and what I would need) was
a day alone at home…that very day. I don’t think I could
have handled delayed gratification! So it was he who took
my mom into town for an afternoon at her “club”
(a lovely respite care group she know attends two
afternoons a week) and he and our son spent the rest
of the day in town, as well.

I had seven blissful hours of solitude, the first in more
than two months. Being alone at home is definitely
something that makes me happy, and I am going to make
sure we manage it on a regular basis again, even tho’ it
is trickier now. I felt almost giddy by the time everyone
returned….having not feel that much “myself” in a
long time.

So that is one thing that makes me happy, and I
shall list nine more because Laurie “tagged” me a few
weeks ago to do that very thing. I won’t tag anyone else
(having a sort-of aversion to doing so due to chain letter
trauma years ago!), but do feel free to add yours in the
comments…if you would like to.

…a newly tidied space ready for creating, whether
it is a worktable or kitchen counter…

…stacks and stacks of previously read magazines
just waiting for a last perusal with scissors in

…birds…at the feeder in the snow, singing in the
night, flitting amongst the bare branches…

…the wide open vistas of fields and trees that I see
out my windows and drink in quickly when I open
the door these cold days…

…warm and comforting drinks…the soy latte I just
enjoyed here at the coffee shop as I write…the just-right
portions of tea and coffee I make for myself in my new

…a good, companionable book…especially when it is
also pretty and feels nice to hold and keep near me…

…candlelight and firelight and hot baths…

…having most of my dear ones around me with only
one kiss to blow at night, through the dark skies to
the missing one…the best happiness, of course,
is when there are no kisses to blow at all, for they
have all been given in person…

….things to look forward to….I have one of
those that I will share next week, for my brother
is coming (a rare happiness) and I will be having
a birthday jaunt to a place I have never been!