Your lovely compliments on my website have lit up my days lately…..which have been terribly full with shows and preparations for shows and the filling of many orders! I got home last night from my first holiday show, which was rather slow, but brightened for me with many visits from returning customers and dear customer-friends.

I have a bustling day ahead of filling orders and cleaning my very messy home….and also trying to sort out some website problems. I tend to hope that those experiencing problems might try to find some news or help here, so wanted to say that I am aware that there have been glitches with emailing me via the website and that this morning I discovered that the images on all of the pages other than the shop are not showing up! It is a mystery….but one I hope to solve soon. So I hope I can get in bustling mode.

At the end of the week I am heading North for another Holiday show and the spending of two nights with my sweet friend Amy …aren’t I lucky? We haven’t seen each other for a few years, so it will be very, very good to catch up with each other. And I hope to catch up here as well…soon.

Until then, I will leave you with Christopher Robin’s words:




C. R.