Well, hooray!…in a vague-sort-of-way….because I just “changed my nameservers” from the old website to the new, and now it is just a matter of waiting for everything to fall into place and I shall have a new home on the Web. I am told this process can take from 24-72 hours.

I wanted to post a little something here, so that everyone knows what is happening and has a place to communicate with me, should there be any problems along the way. I wanted to find a lovely, curtainy image to adorn this post-but I don’t have one at the tips of my fingers, and my fingers are currently very busy with the making of many things for my first Holiday Show in a few days. So I chose, instead, a photo I took for the new website. It is photo for my gift tags, which is what I am surrounded by at the moment, in various stages of completion. I have wisps of vintage seam binding that I am stringing some with, little rectangular stacks to be tied with raffia in my studio and a whole tabletop in the living room strewn with hand-stamped tags and matching little envelopes. I had the nicest time with my hand-carved stamps and pads of ink and diminutive envelopes last night, as I smiled and laughed at a PBS show about Carol Burnett.

And now I must get along with all the preparations! Just comment or send me an email if you encounter any problems with my website in the next several days….or want to send me some happy messages. It has been such a huge job to create the new, but I am so pleased about how fresh and pretty it all is….you are all very, very welcome there.