…in the continued wonder of our chrysalis-adorned home…thirty-some at last count…


…and Daybook designing. Just a week or so away from re-opening my shop with newness…


…sharing about it often, and enjoying the conversation at the Daybook’s instagram home. If you are a paper/planner/cut and paste sort of woman, you may like to follow along


In between sessions in front of the computer designing and hours printing and folding, I’ve been putting up my feet and watching the Great British Baking Show…I love it so much…the passion and skill expressed…the kindness and humor of the participants…the lovely details in the creations and in the setting. Sigh…finale tonight…then another year to wait and look forward to.


And as our internet connection has been so poorly lately, I got some movies from the library to watch bit by bit in other respites from work. By far the best was A Testament of Youth. The PBS mini-series I watched in college has always stayed with me, and I was on tenterhooks to see how they re-made this true story based on Vera Brittain’s book about her years in and around World War I. It is beautiful, in every way, all the more so-to me-because it is true. I highly recommend it.


Time to sign off for now…I’ve been putting this together in between printing pages of the Autumn Book of Days and should really pay closer attention. I agree with H.G. Wells about “clocks and calendars,” but when we do turn to them, we need those days and weeks and months to unfold in the proper order. : )