…I am drawing names for small gifts of notecards, and re-reading all the titles of the recommended books, and thinking of all the worlds that are now calling me to enter in and have a look around. Thank you.Karen Edmisten, Sharon (the Sharon who recommended Rosamunde Pilcher and Elizabeth Goudge), Bonnie Buckingham, Gwyn and Holly will be receiving emails from me today and then the Books and Readers notecards in the week to come (or so!).

That was pleasant and diverting. And now I must hie me to my website and add some new things there. I intended to add things earlier in the week, but found that the delightful presence of my sweet five year-old nephew from Santa Fe proved much more enticing than being in front of the computer. Oh, it was restortive to have a snuggling, inquisitive one nearby for a few days!

I shall leave you with this Autumn tableau that I created a few weeks ago…the swallows have now left us, but the crickets are still filling the air with song and cups of tea begin to punctuate my days…autumnblogpoem

(click to enlarge!)