Our lone pumpkin moonshine…
more flowers than leaves scattered amongst the
pictures of the dear ones this year…a few moments of
candle-lit hush before hurrying out the door to an evening
of music and warmth with our youngest whilst the eldest
is in the city celebrating Halloween in new

I am getting used to the changes…
in our celebrations as the years unwind…
with the additions to the gathering on the piano…
Life is good at teaching this.
Nature is a generous teacher, as well…
with Autumn days of yellow leaves and balmy warmth,
flowers blooming on and on and cosy days of grey
and rain, like today.

I am having a supremely lazy day,
content to look out the windows at the red leaves
on the dogwood tree, and the yellow roses blooming
by the door, compose something here to leave in the
hedgerow, anticipate watching another episode of
my Midsomer Murders mysteries later
in the afternoon…


Just being slow and still and gathering up strength
and nourishment from the love and beauty and goodness
I feel all around me today. The week will be a busy one
of filling orders, designing my calendar and book of days,
planning for the last lovely months of the year, taking
my mom on a little trip. But today is quiet and ever
so peaceful and I am savoring it.