It has been a week spent in my studio, making

and wrapping and adorning.
But all the orders were taken to the post office
yesterday afternoon and this morning I picked my
mom up from the assisted-living place and brought
her to her home for a visit…the first since August.

So many of you have kindly asked after my mother,
and I am glad to say that she is well. We spent a beautiful
day in Williamsburg last week, truly soaking in the
color and motion and peace of the perfect
Autumn day we were gifted with.

And I thought of George Eliot’s words

“Delicious Autumn…”

…and how fitting her adjective is for the
gorgeousness I saw everywhere I looked.

And now we are at my mom’s house at the beach,
where there are no yellow leaves or brown acorns…
but there is the same delicate Autumn sunlight
to turn our faces towards…together…and
I continue to store up these golden days,
like coins, warm in my hands.