…just one homey photo…none too fine or picturesque…but catching the moment when the Christmas Spirit finally arrived for me. The hamper full of our ornaments, wrapped in brown tissue, and still lovingly searched through by my sons before they hang them upon the wild pine that is our tree. The most delicious egg nog that comes from a local dairy, drunk from tea cups. The tradition of It’s a Wonderful Life on the telly as we adorn the tree each year. Out of sight of this picture, there are dogs asleep by the fire and young men sprawled on the rug, a grandmother cosy on the sofa and ,me, appreciating it all and awaiting the home-coming of the man of the house who is still at work.

It is a bit later now, and the Roches are playing on the kitchen radio, and most of the stockings are filled and I am thinking of this dear community online and wishing for each of you a generous helping of these peaceful and contented moments.

With so much to be thankful for….I am wishing you a Happy Christmas!

“May the blessing of light be on you, light without and light within.”

-traditional Irish blessing