Hello again.

I am writing as my mother naps (who is a little under the weather),
and I look around me and try to gather my thoughts. Last week, I
put Small Meadow Press to bed, for what I think will probably be a
long, long sleep. I still have some paperwork and loose ends to tie
up, but my creative spirit doesn’t turn in that direction any longer…
quite a change after seven years.

The good news is that my creative spirit is still
here and strong…just a little tentative at the moment.
Still a bit hemmed in by doctors appointments and
clutter and the ever-changing status quo.

But with the pressing needs of business gone, I am hearing
more strongly than ever before the whispers of those other
needs-comfort, order, nourishment, peace, laughter-which we
have, but I want in more abundance.

So I am spending moments and hours as I can catch
them, dreaming and thinking about the ingredients that
will make up this new life of ours. What will I focus on?
How I will make a new pattern for our days? We have
been drifting for a while, or are pulled by circumstances-
which is unavoidable-but I want to craft a firm
foundation from which to navigate the
inevitable ups and downs.

So it will be all about home, home, home for me.
And The Bower will more than ever be about our
Bower and all that I am pursuing to make it more
tidy and pleasing and expressive and nourishing and
happy and loving…to all who dwell here…and all who
bless us with their company. If you click on the photo
above, you should be able to read the quote from
Walt Whitman which always inspires me.

I was so glad to find the makings for a ribbony notebook
of my own amongst the bits and pieces left from my last sale.
In it I shall write notes and make lists and cut and paste
magazine clippings to help me in my endeavors. And I will
come here more often to write about it all….and soon I
shall also write at the caregiving blog I am creating
(to be unveiled shortly!).

Here’s to many beautiful, fresh pages
to turn in the days to come.