It’s been a quiet week everywhere around the interwebs as far as conversation goes, and for me, that may continue another week or so. It is the very busiest time for me in my studio, making papery creations (tree-free, of course) and trying to get them in my shop as soon as possible. As soon as my shop is filled, I will have more mind space and bodily energy to devote here. I’d like to start sharing ideas around a Make Do & Mend the Earth Holiday…share more making-do ways on Instagram…and perhaps get to some deeper ways. Until then…

It is the third week of our film club and we are watching…

Wartime Kitchen & Garden-episode three

The Wartime Farm-episode two

Thankfully, I had the thought this morning to watch (mostly listen) to these in my studio, while I work. Since I’ve watched them before, this will work well for me for awhile. I was so pleased to come across the bit in the first video showing the moat around The Tower of London planted densely with vegetables…wonderful. That put me in mind of the Obama’s kitchen garden, planted in 2009 and I did some research to see if it was still growing. It seems to be, taken care of by the Park Service, tho’ it is unclear who uses the veggies now. Before this garden, the last kitchen garden ever to be at the White House was a project of Eleanor Roosevelt’s, beginning in 1942.

By the way, I had an idea for to help with the decisions we need to make about where we spend our money and our time. Gracie’s comment in our last post was the kernel for my thought. If we live our days “pretending” we live in a village, with what a village offers, it greatly simplifies our decision-making. For instance, I used to tire myself out and end up supporting anything but local and ethical when I needed a supplement or herb. Now, in the main, I get what I can at stores in Williamsburg, where I shop every week or ten days or so. Williamsburg is my “village.” Before even taking that step, I do a bit of research in my books to see if there is a better way to get what I need with my food or drink.

I do use herbal infusions (of nettle and oatstraw and red clover) for my foundational minerals and some vitamins. As I am just running out of the bulk I bought last year, and no one locally carries herbs in bulk, I will be placing an online order at least one more time…but I also grew a patch of¬† nettle from seed this year and am hoping that will flourish and spread. Oatstraw will be on the garden list for next year, and red clover gathering, if our hayfields offer us more…or I will continue to buy it until I can provide for myself. This Making Do is a journey and we all just do our best…

“The smallest effort is not lost,
Each wavelet on the ocean tossed
Aids in the ebb-tide or the flow…”

~Charles Mackay