…this dear, neglected place…with some recent photos from Wisteria & Sunshine. It’s a year since the pandemic really began for most of us, four months since I last left you something to find here, three weeks since I let go of Instagram and a day until I turn 62. I am taking a birthday break from my usual round for the next week and that spaciousness inspired me to visit here. I will freshen up the rooms and furnishings when I want to sit down and have a change from the clearing I’m doing inside, and the pleasures I’m soaking up outside as the sun pours down and the breezes warm.

My hope is that as I continue to let go and refine and integrate in my small world (the work of becoming an elder-woman, a rose hip…at least for me) I will find a rhythm for posting here. It’s something that’s been elusive for many years, but as I seem to be finding my way back to the earlier, slower, unencumbered days of the interwebs, it feels more possible now.

Enjoy your early March days!

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