When I started The Bower six years ago, it was in response to my Small Meadow Press customers wishing to know me a bit better…to bring them closer to my life than a few minutes in a booth at an art show allowed, or what could be shared in a short email. 
I think the mixture of what I was paying attention to in my creating for Small Meadow Press and what I was paying attention to in living my days worked quite well in the past. I am not sure why I felt inclined to separate the two when I began Wisteria & Sunshine, but have been feeling the pull to bring them back together again.
So this is just a small note to let you know that you may expect more posts here in the future. They will be a weaving of what I am thinking about and exploring and adventuring within the bower that is my home and my days and within the bower that is Wisteria & Sunshine…for it is all of a piece.
Looking forward to writing here again soon…of the Everyday Deep, as I like to call it. And I will soon close the Tidings blog and return here, with gladness.
See you soon!