…that today is the sixth anniversary of The Bower. Seven years of words and pictures and connection with dear and interesting people. I reread my very first post and found this closing paragraph:
How good I hope the time spent here will be. A place to hold my thoughts about making a heart-felt home-life, this Earth-our larger home, my studio and work and so many other good things. When others begin to find this, perhaps I can finally have a sort-of “Letters to Each Other” which I envisioned when The Bower was a paper and ink journal. Wish me well! I wish you the same.
We have had very good conversation and exchange here over the years, tho’ it does seem to get quieter and quieter. Of course, I suppose I am quieter here as a whole world of conversation and sharing has blossomed at Wisteria & Sunshine. I believe that all that I described and wished for in that first post has been made manifest within its protected, sunny spaces. 
My sincere thoughts, on this anniversary,  are that I will continue to post here…but it is bound to be less often, as so much of my creative time goes elsewhere now.

But I would like to celebrate and show my gratitude for all the years of visits here with a giveaway, as I often have. So I will be back here very soon with a giveaway of a trial membership or two for Wisteria & Sunshine.

And since it is nearly midnight, and therefore, nearly the First of May. My “little women” and I would like to wish you a very merry May Day…