I thought I would have all the piles tamed by this time, but as soon as one is vanquished, another seems to take its place…tho’ I sense a weakening in the speed and strength of the pile-creating forces and hope that tomorrow I will have that mostly-clean slate I have been working towards.

 I suppose it may also have taken longer than it should because I get distracted by ideas that suddenly need to brought to fruition…like making the shabby, paint-chipped front door more presentable. I have been “seeing” it layered with some of my old bits of paper, much more easily than I could “see” myself painting it ( I wish I liked to paint more than I do!)…and that did take a bit of time, but lovely and focused moments they were. 

And there is another pile, or shall I say little heap, that will be distracting me this evening…and the results of which I will gladly share, should it actually turn out.

Until tomorrow….