Today was the day to turn the page from my favorite pages in my beloved Through the Kitchen Window to, I suppose, my next favorite pages (tho’ it is very hard to choose). Had a lovely day today with my deario at home all day and all evening (highly unusual!), and we made it feel more like Christmas here-together.
I keep forgetting to mention that I am on Pinterest now. I think it is the nicest was I’ve found so far to keep things I find online…just to look at or to actually reference and use…but I must admit to finding it rather visually overwhelming, so I am keeping mine very simple. This board is for photos that speak to me of the season we are in and it is ever-changing as I delete photos when I get much more than a screenful or when the seasons change. And this board is where I gather ideas of things to make and things I would like to explore further. In the New Year, I am going to get in a rhythm of actually following through on the ideas there on a regular basis…this one, too, is often pared down and weeded out…just a screenful is what I like best. Do you have a Pinterest to share with me?
I spoke to my brother today and mentioned Pinterest. He said he had actually heard about it and looked at it but “didn’t get it at all”. I smiled at that. I think it is probably mostly a woman’s thing…just the online version of tearing out magazine pages (still much more satisfying to me, if not so easily organized).
If you are in need of any Christmas decorating inspiration, just click on the little cranberry wreath on my first board…that will take you to a magical place, one I am so enjoying little tastes of over these days.