My bookshelf is now full to the brim with Christmas-y goodness and I can rest easy knowing that spare moments and half-hours and hours that I find with no other employment can be spent cosily with one of these. I am especially looking forward to the Louisa May Alcott, tho’ the Irish one looks satisfyingly rustic and earthy…and there may even come a time in the weeks ahead that the lavender fluff on the top of the pile is just the ticket.
 I spent a thoughtful while amongst the picture books, thinking they might be especially cheering when that is what is needed, and picked only the most tender, charming and (mostly) English on the shelves in the children’s area of our library.

Riches indeed, but I am feeling a little sorry that I don’t have thick, satisfying grown-up book to look anticipate reading in long stretches in the days after Christmas. Any recommendations will be gratefully received. And here is my post from last year with a few other ideas for holiday reading, should you want a few more.
And now I am going to take my achy typing arms and slightly sad spirits and indulge in some escape…no, not with my books but some vanilla ice cream and a few episodes of Zen (haven’t sorted my Christmas viewing yet!).
P.S. I felt so fortunate to find Becky’s Christmas still on the shelf at the library…I think that must be because it is put in the Junior Fiction and it is slim and easily over-looked.

P.P.S. There is a helpful abridged reading plan for Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates at The Storybook Home that you might like to try if you’ve never read it. I haven’t read it for years, but remember reading it to my sons a long time ago and finding it simply enchanting. The pictures and atmosphere it conjured up are still in my memory.