These are just snapshots…some day I hope to return, without children, and with the time and
space and quiet to take some more thoughtful photographs, but I am glad to have these photos that captured my favorite day in England. A new friend drove us all around a small portion of Cumbria…starting here around Derwent Water. This was my first glimpse when we got out of the car, and tho’ I tried to be a little more subtle in my reactions to what we saw all day, this really is what I felt, moment after moment..heart leaping, spirit floating, resisting the urge to lay myself down upon every obliging field and hillock.
After our long ramble around a portion of the lake, a boat ride (neither walk nor ride coming close to where Miss Potter was filmed or where the real Miss Potter spent many summers with her family), and a lovely vegetarian meal al fresco, we went on to briefly visit Keswick, then the Derwent Pencil Museum (delicious cream tea!), Castlerigg stone circle and home across fells with a stop halfway to let the fell ponies greet us through the open car windows and a three-quarters-of-the-way-home-stop at tiny whitewashed pub for the loveliest beer I’ve ever had.
Such a day.
*Please excuse the higgledy-piggledyness of the the alignment of my photos and text.
Blogger doesn’t seem to be agreeable to me making my photos larger than usual, tho it had better get used to it as my aging eyes prefer it!*