…through my camera lens, that is,
for I have a new camera through which I am looking at the world these days.


There you have the best parts my last few weeks, captured with my lovely little Olympus Pen.
I have had my eye on this camera for a year or more, finally found one on ebay (it is out of production now, you see) and snapped it up with my long-saved birthday money. We have become quite companionable in a very short amount of time. I am so pleased that my photos are a little crisper now, even with my shaky hands…but I wonder if the tone and atmosphere of my photos might change in some mysterious way?

 (Caleb indulged his besotted mother
with this photo)
Blogger gave me the gift of seeing the atmosphere of my blog in a new way recently with their “dynamic views” option. Have you discovered this yet? You can look at any blog hosted through Blogger in this way by entering in the blog address with “view” after the “.com/”. It will then give you choice of five different views of the blog, mosaic being the only one I really like. Honestly, I more than like the mosaic view, I am quite enchanted with it and love that it presents the photos in different ways each time you try it. When you hover over a photo, it gives you the title for the post and you can click it and visit the post, if you like. Until I saw The Bower in mosaic form, I wasn’t aware of the golden warmth overall. It is so interesting to have a new perspective. Tho’  I did just notice that if the blog doesn’t use a photo at the top of the post, the mosaic will be more words than photos, but do have fun playing with this and, perhaps, discover new facets of dear and familiar places on the web.

With love from the blossom-drenched countryside. xo