…my deario and I met.
It truly was love at first sight.
I was going to see the tulips in the Cooper’s Garden.
He was working with a landscaping crew just across the
street from my little cottage.
Last year, he gave me tulips and we poured over the calendars that I used to fill with the minutia of my days…and then, our days.
 This year, while we hung out in the mudroom, keeping an eye on our new-used washing machine (it has its problems), we reminisced about that first April 8th, twenty-five years ago. He made me laugh (and feel very well-loved) when he got irked all over again for not driving the same way home as the rest of the landscaping crew (who drove right past me as I made my way home from the Cooper’s Garden). But there would be many more glimpses to come…
Yesterday, we discovered the tulips from last year’s anniversary blooming away in the forgotten corner where they had been placed, planter and all, when their blooms faded last Spring.