…is what the little hens were up to a few weeks ago…

….so I got busy with some very old Laura Ashley fabric
samples and some twine and the sewing machine…

…and they seem to be prettily thwarted for the time being…

….tho’ perhaps they are plotting and planning
and only look like they are relaxing in their rocking chair?

I will be flying my coop tomorrow, taking my mom
to visit her only brother in Colorado. It is just a few days away,
but the stack of her pillboxes for the trip make it seem longer
to me somehow. Ah well, I am hoping it will be a fruitful trip
with good visits and the gathering of lots of family stories and
photos and memories (for me atleast and for my uncle, if not for
my dear mom)….and a safe trip…this will be the first time I have
ventured far with my mom since her accident. But I know it will
be worth the time and trouble. Perhaps I will even be able to
track down my mother’s ancestry a little further…we’ve only
barely traced the path beyond Kentucky in the 1800s! I am
determined to get us “across the ocean”, and (fingers
crossed) into Britain.

I shall keep you posted!