It is Friday.

I am here.

But I feel as tho’ I could write this post all over again…mostly all over, substituting the worry for…uncertainty, I suppose. Definitely still beside the  “little,wild pool, on the moss-soft bank, making circles on the water’s surface and trying to see into its depths.”

I’d love to talk about blogging, specifically this time, if you are interested?


You see, next Friday will be my tenth blogging anniversary. That feels good and important. Yet…I continue to struggle with what to share here…and the blogs I read have lately gone the way of my unopened magazines…and the sifting of all one can do and be online goes on…

In recent months here, the spam comments I receive far outweigh the welcome and true ones…but it isn’t all about comments, is it? I understand all of the reasons for not commenting, as I don’t do very much of it myself. Yet the lack of them does start the pondering again. Everyone has their reasons for blogging, and I have an inkling that if you are sure of your reasons and they are being satisfied…the world’s response is not so weighty and spam and technical tangles not so bothersome.


But it is all wondering to me at the moment, as the swirl of blogging, numbers, hashtags and the like are tossed up in my basket and I carry on with my winnowing.

There is one spare Moon Collage Kit left in my studio, and a last package of Gratitude Notes (sorting and sifting in my studio, as well) that I would love to send to one of you in honor of my blogging anniversary next week…picked from amongst the replies to these questions. Do generalize and expand upon them,  for they are meant only as a beginning for our conversation…

-Do you visit blogs as often as you used to and does it feel mostly the same or different?

-Has your commenting changed over the years if you do comment?

-Are there other ways your blog-visiting has changed over the years?

-If you have your own blog, how has it changed for you and how do you feel about it?

-Do you feel hopeful about the future of blogging?