…to losing the fragile thread of joy and purpose
only hours after I had found it. It was dashed away
when I found the lifeless body of one of my “little
women”, as I have come to think of the them,
the very morning after sending out my
last post.

And I acknowledge…that the small grief opened
up the way to other griefs that have come recently…
to do with mothers and lost friendships and

And I avow…to spending the past week mostly
in sadness…but sadness that was slowly lifted by
dear people who are good listeners, a few breezy,
lovely days (I know that I am trying to love what is…
but why is it so much easier to do when the temperature
isn’t 100 degrees?), cake, a porch-ful of loved ones
of an evening, the five chicks who are left and
…I suppose…grace.

And I declare…that I am picking up
the thread again…remembering the beauty
and pleasure she brought to me in her short
life, as I falteringly feel my way along…