Something shifted….somewhere along the way of the
past two weeks. I am pretty sure it was during that one
perfect day by the river with the grey skies and the
jellyfish-dotted water.

Seeing no one but my deario…there
is something very soothing and simple
about a world of only two…

We couldn’t swim…but it was glorious at the
water’s edge. I sat there for ages as the gentle waves
lapped over my toes and the clouds moved above
me and the water spread out before me.

There was ample time and peace for reading…

….and thinking….

…and reading…

…and not thinking…

…and-wonderfully-the solving of some problems.
It has been a very stressful Spring and Summer for us,
but we are finding some answers.

So all filled up, and beyond that first day
back that always seems uncomfortable and rather
dreary to me, I found myself slipping back into
my regular life, but not feeling stuck or lost
in it anymore.

I don’t mean for this to sound all self-helpy or
starry-eyed…but the truth is, I found much to help me
in my reading over the past few weeks, and it was watered
by the sun and rain and wind (and the love) that I soaked
up on our little two days away. And now I am feeling
brave enough to try harder to love my life as it is right now.
Not as it was or as it might be (when I unclutter the whole
house, when Mom’s addition is at last settled, when the
heat wave finally breaks, when I feel prepared – ha!)

Just now.

So with sand in my shoes, on I go. On we all go.