I am sitting in the cosy den in the home of my husband’s parents. We are all nicely full from the meal we have enjoyed here for the last nineteen years. Can you believe I have never had to prepare even a tiny portion of our Thanksgiving meal? My dear mother-in-law won’t let me and I hope this will be the case for a long time to come….not because I don’t want to cook, but because I am so grateful to have she and my father-in-law and my own sweet mother still with us and happy and well.

As I sit here on the sofa, I am feeling so thankful for the togetherness and the good food and the pleasure of getting to know a new person around the Thanksgiving table. Also, for the warmth I feel as I write here and receive your comments and read other beautiful journals full of the sharing of ordinary, amazing women.

Here is our piano, dressed for Thanksgiving. I couldn’t toss the leaves to the wind for it has been raining for days…..but I like the way they look and will keep them there until my shows are finished and I can turn my heart towards Christmas-time. This will be a busy week, preparing for my last and biggest show. But if I can, I will share some photos of my pretty booth with its new mantle.