…and simple ones, at that. I don’t really know why, but I feel sluggish in mind and body since returning from my days near the sea. So much simple loveliness during those days and in the busy weeks since returning. Yet the gentle but constant press of to-dos, coupled with the unrelenting heat seem to have settled a veil of heaviness over me. Nor do I feel like plumbing the depths of it. So I just keep taking the next small step in front of me, rest often and wait for the weather to change…outside my window and inside of me.

For now, wallpapers. : ) In the mood of the September that is right around the corner for those of us still sweltering. A September of cool breezes, layers and boots to don, and preparations to be made.

In the next few months, I am going to be deepening with the idea of Autumn as a time of smoothing the way (in and amongst its own particular beauty and being, of course!) for the Winter stillness to come. And the early Winter festivities. Simplicity is the guiding star, as always, and we’ve begun to follow it at Wisteria & Sunshine. The photo I chose for the wallpapers is fitting, I realize now, as we are focusing on everything papery in September…files, systems, correspondence, books and more. This sort of clearing work is both lightening and enlightening and I am welcoming the peace it is slowly bringing to my home and spirit…

Speaking of paper, in case you’ve missed the news I’ve shared here and there, two printable/instant downloads are now in my shop. They are useful and beautiful offerings that fit most budgets and are in your possession within minutes. I am so looking forward to creating more soon, a sort-of storehouse of goodness that feels a part of the season that is so near.

Enjoy the days as best you can, feel the quiet and wisdom the waning of the moon offers, and leave me a comment to tell me what you would most like me to share here in the future. I continue to struggle with blogging, tho’ I value it so much. It is one of the many ingredients of life and work that I will be holding and pondering when I retire to one of our little upstairs bedrooms in a few days for a solitary, new moon retreat.