And here it is, exactly a month later, and I haven’t written a word or posted a photo…But I have been paying attention to the whys of my lack of posting.

Across blogland, this webby world of ours, women here and there have been talking about the changes…especially those of us who have been here for awhile (it will be ten years for me, next April).


In the past several months, I’ve struggled with posting here at all as I post five days a week at Wisteria & Sunshine, but that doesn’t wholly explain it, by any means. It doesn’t feel an entirely personal thing, but part of a larger shift…something I am interested in exploring in this space, after a time of pondering it within my own heart and mind.


To that end, I will be chatting with some of the women whose homes (or post offices in the hedge, if we stay with our metaphor) on the web have brought me shelter and beauty, laughter and thoughtfulness, company and friendship over the years.

My first conversation will be with Jane Goble of Posy blog fame. I thought of Jane the other day and checked her blog to see if she had started to post again, since she stopped at the very end of 2011. She hadn’t, but I followed some links and eventually found her at Instagram (where so many have gone, including myself, to a certain extent) and she has very kindly accepted my invitation to talk about it all next week.

I did, in fact, figure out a blogging rhythm when I went away for my retreat, I just haven’t begun it yet. But let’s call today’s post the beginning, and I will see you here next Friday, to continue on…