…that have been floating through my mind, off and on, since I read this at Melissa Wiley’s blog…and received only one comment on my last post…and with all of my desires and intentions for this Rosehip Bower that constantly ebb and flow.


I started blogging in 2006 with the intention, I believe, of sharing some of my life with my Small Meadow Press customers who only saw me briefly in my booth at a show or what they could glean from my website. But I quickly fell in love with the weaving of words and photographs together and then the way that weaving was embroidered upon with the comments my posts would receive. Unlike all the other journals of my life which last for only a matter of days or weeks…this sort goes on and on and still tugs at me, after all of these years…


Facebook doesn’t come close for me, tho’ I have both a personal and public account…all of that blue and clutter and too-muchness…I am not at home there and don’t linger long enough to have many conversations. Tho’ I do appreciate it for the ways it keeps me in touch with those I wouldn’t be in touch with otherwise. But it is blogs for me, and I deeply hope that they are here to stay, even if the glow of them is somewhat tarnished. Does anyone have blogiversaries anymore? I did for so many years, but somewhere in there, the focus of my blogging changed.


When I became my mom’s caregiver and no longer had satchels of stationery to give away, when homeschooling and everyday mothering ended, when I struggled this past year with what exactly my role in this world was and struggled even more with how to “present” all of it in this space. All I have wanted this to be for a long while is the sharing of what is in my heart, on my mind and in my days. I want all of my online spaces to be as peaceful and nourishing to my guests as I try to make my brick and wood home here in the green fields. But how to do that and also keep my creative businesses alive and flourishing?


So I got quite distracted for awhile…with angst about the popularity of my blog (or lack there of)…with sidebar links and mailing list strategies and marketing advice. And most of it stayed in my confused brain and behind the scenes, for I really never strayed too far or for too long from what I now am clear on…

I obviously need to write about life, and I will keep doing so here, whenever the longing comes to me.

I can’t go through a day without picking up my camera over and over again, so I will go on sharing my photographs, too.

When I am excited or happy about something I am offering to the world through my Post or Wisteria & Sunshine and any other ways in the future, I am promising myself not to feel any qualms over sharing about it here.

It is all…me.

williamsburgwander10(taken in Williamsburg a few weeks ago by my friend Dori)

Sharing…it’s a word that comes up a lot…in this post and in this webby world. I just looked it up on my little computer dictionary and what I found is really very nice…

•have a portion of (something) with another or others
• give a portion of (something) to another or others
• use, occupy, or enjoy (something) jointly with another or others
• possess (a view or quality) in common with others

I think that pretty well sums up why we blog and why we read blogs…we are sharing Life.


Hmmmm…I did have some very practical thoughts, too, in regards to Lissa’s post. And some of them are about commenting. I found myself starting to say that people just don’t comment very much anymore, for a host of reasons (you might read all of the comments in Lissa’s posts for some very interesting ideas there, if you are interested), but then I think of all of the blogs I read that are flooded with comments….so…I think it is safe for me to say that much about blog comments are a mystery to me. But they are also lovely and important.


So I’ve tried to make it easy to do so here. After being inundated with spam comments the first few weeks, I found a plugin that simply asks you to click a little box when you want to leave me a note…no Captchas to decipher or logging in. And today, I added another plugin that give us the little heart you see in the bottom right of this post. It is my version of the “like” button. Because I do understand that there are times when that is all that can be managed, or feel right. And I will be so happy, I know, when I see the numbers grow there.


The thing is, I was going to end with something about it all coming down to blogging because I need to, want to…comments or not. But the reality is that response, in some way, is essential…because of all those Sharing definitions. Writing words and pasting photos into a paper journal just for me wouldn’t give me nearly the pleasure and satisfaction that this medium does…because…I want to give some of my Portion to you…for you to Enjoy…and to find out if we Possess a Common feeling about that Portion….



Now I feel free to go on with my blogging, unencumbered with my own or anyone else’s notions attached to it. Hooray for creative joy, creative freedom, creative sharing. I didn’t realize it until this moment, but this post is an echo of some of what I took in at the retreat last month in the Hudson Valley…where all of these photographs were taken.