Have you ever looked online for a lovely e-card to send to someone…perhaps when it is too late to send one by mail? I have, and I never could find anything simple and beautiful. So I created my own, a natural step since I used to design and make a line of stationery as Small Meadow Press for many years.

My members and I are finding so many uses for Wisteria & Sunshine Post, beyond the traditional greetings (tho’ you will find those represented, of course!). They make a refreshing change from an ordinary email when you need to write a note…and we are sending them to ourselves (using the personal calendars and future-delivery options) for any sort of reminder needed…and we are celebrating special days (author’s birthdays and the full moon, for instance) and everyday happinesses.

It works on an easy, membership basis. For just $4 a month, or $36 paid just once a year, you will be able to send as many e-greetings as you like during the subscription period. I am designing a new e-greeting most every day until there is an e-card for every occasion, large or small, on my Post Office “shelves”. And then I will go on making them whenever inspiration strikes, for it is so delightful to have something pretty and meaningful to send to brighten another’s day.

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