The guests have all now gone and there is nothing on the calendar for the rest of January. After two months of coping with the unexpected, loss and grief, and the whirl (tho’ subdued) of the holidays, it is time to catch our breaths. Our plans are to hibernate, to lay fallow for a while and try out some new routines and rhythms in the spaciousness we’ve been gifted with.
Not truly fallow, for my writings and offerings are now blooming again at Wisteria & Sunshine, and we won’t be spending all of our time at rest. Yes…today we are rearranging the living room to make a cosy viewing corner facing the fireplace and the telly for the three hours of Downton Abbey we intend to steep ourselves in this evening. But we will turn the seasonal lack of outside work for my deario and my lessened responsibilities into something nourishing…for our togetherness…for all that must be tended to within our home and gardens…and especially our creating our new day-to-days.
Whether Winter cooperates or not with us, we intend to burrow in with our blankets for generous amounts of sleep, fill our bowls with healthy and warming porridges, light more candles to fill the after-Christmas darkness, seek quiet and healing.


This daybook page is from October, but its words still hold true for me…as I feel I am finally, truly beginning the New Year, tho’ the calendar might tell me otherwise. I have my own inner calendar, and it tells me that these are the days full of promising emptiness, waiting to be thoughtfully filled…