The start of our summery-summer hit a snag almost as soon as it had begun. The orders, which came in right up until the deadline, were filled and posted, the popsicles were freezing, the children’s friends were invited for a sleepover…….I had begun the uncluttering of the house, and had piles of books and tablecloths and dishes and so many things to sort…..when my youngest son complained of an earache. Four days later, life is starting to feel more normal again after days of pain for my son and days of worry and tending for me. The right mix of medicines seems finally to be working with only one night-time waking last night. And today I have been able to sort some of the piles whilst delivering ear-drops and pain pills on the proper schedule. And blessedly, the intense heat of recent days has passed.

We were able to open all the windows to the gentler warmth and sunshine. I hung two loads of sheets and cloths on the line to dry quickly in the breeze. Caleb could enjoy a popsicle or two and a really satisfying few games of Uno on the lamplit porch this evening. After a rocky start, I feel hopeful that we have a good chance of savoring the rest of the season….we shall certainly give it our best try-for who can do more than that?