I noticed the other night that the Christmas tree light reflections in the living room window had an unusual quality to them, so I took a few photos…then when I looked at them on my computer, I kept seeing little pictures in the fragments of light. I wonder if you see them, too? I will visit here later in the comments to see what you might see, and tell you what I see…but it was a lovely coming together of the light within, the light without and the wavy, old glass.
Your comments and emails with good wishes were so appreciated. I am finally on the mend, with two good days under my belt and just the need for the occasional tissue and cough drop now. So glad that is over. I haven’t been laid so low in many years. I couldn’t even enjoy watching movies or reading during that week of illness…but that is behind me now and I was very much able to enjoy watching Downtown Abbey last night. And am looking forward to watching it again tonight with my deario. A second watching is always required to focus in on the clothes and scenery and to savor the lines  that went by too quickly the first time. There is so much I could be critical about, like the first season, but I am just going to enjoy instead. 
And now I must hie me back to the other shiny pages where I am writing and designing in every spare moment. It is very uplifting to be bringing something bright and new into the world during these cold and grey days.
Here’s hoping you have many pleasant things to brighten your week.