November 2011

november 30

The fourth day of Advent.
When I am not preparing things for my last little sale, finishing up the simple Christmas list (must finish that getting and spending as soon as possible…to get on to the envisioning and creating and reading and savoring) and all the usual daily tasks, I will spend this day clearing every surface and shelf and section of floor and stairs and any other horizontal surface of anything that doesn’t please me mightily or speak to me of December and all it means. The vertical surfaces will receive my loving scrutiny as well.
In all honesty, it will take more than just one day, but how good it will feel to make every corner as empty as feels inspiring…to receive, in the days to come, some dusting and polishing…a little or alot added back…or, perhaps, nothing at all…making my home Fair (more of that lovely carol to come!).
I feel a very gentle, steady force urging me on to the clearing and preparing and making space physically now so that we will have a feeling of spaciousness with our time and togetherness as we get closer to Christmas Day.
Do you feel it too?