…the first in seventeen years without our home-school…all the planning and preparation and beginning…It has felt a bit odd and empty.

…but I had a few quiet hours to myself on the first day of Autumn, as the rain fell so gently outside our porch room, with a sharpened pencil and some newly designed pages for the planner/calendar I am working on…that felt September-ish…

…and I dined upon some of the lovely vegan dishes I learned to prepare during Heather’s workshop last month. And in the days to come I will be making a notebook from the course’s recipes and inspiring posts…and also looking at my week and planning some hours devoted to exploring new cookery ways…that feels September-ish…
…and as I sat with my box of old desk supplies, mending my planner cover…thinking about the months ahead, looking forward to some hours in my studio, slowly transforming it from a place centered around a creative business I no longer have, to a place that supports my life as it is now…I saw that I do-after all-have some small, fresh beginnings going on…as it has always felt to me one ought at this time of year.

I will be back soon with studio goodness.
I hope your September has been something like you hoped it would be. As I have come to mine late, I am extending it into October if I feel like it, reading Rosamunde Pilcher short stories, waiting for a used copy of her September to arrive in the mail, continuing my plotting and planning and the actual starting of new things.

Happy Autumn!