…and the day has gotten away from me…
only ten minutes to post actually on the day!

So just an amusing photo of the hens.
If the door to the porch is left open, they enter
in and take it over, as tho’ it is their own.
They did spend many weeks of their chickhood
there (but in their apartment, not running
loose as they do now), and it seems to have
made an impression.

The joint compound tray adds a festive note,
don’t you think? And makes the photo appropriate
for Advent…if you make allowances.

I loved reading your comments this
morning and hope to make a Christmas book
post in answer tomorrow….

And I would make a recipe post in answer
to the fudge appreciation, but don’t know if I
can bear to pass along a recipe that I have been
making since the fourth grade and is made with
the worst sort of ingredients. And yet-it does
sustain me throughout these busy days, and
hey ho, Christmas comes but once a year.