My youngest son is snug in bed and I have just finished tucking many packages of missives and notecards into their boxes in preparation for a show I have in a few days. While I cut and fold and package, I sometimes think about where these little cards and papers will end up. Will they sit in a drawer…..will they brighten someone’s dreary day….will they help make or strengthen connections between people? Can stationery assist in saving the world?

I am smiling as I write this, but I have been thinking about this since my first post……I was still full of tears for the world when I went to our Friends Meeting a few Sundays ago. I was graced with beautiful, listening women-friends there who let me share my feelings of that week and then came up with a truly healing idea for me. Why not make a line of cards and donate the profits to a cause that will reach some of the people who are suffering? I know it will be a small gesture, but it will do some good I know, and it will give me something practical to do with my sadness.

When this weekend’s show is over, I am eagerly anticipating coming home and designing a set of cards that will speak of peace and compassion. I hope you will find them on my website in a few weeks. How grateful I am for good friends! And I think about the stationery I have sitting neglected in drawers (yes, it is true!), and how I want to use it more often to nurture those friendships. I will write more of this in the future, for I have an idea it is something most of us are sorry to have let slip out of our hands a bit since this wonderful webby world came along.