Here it is, 10 pm in the East and my youngest son is now in bed. When I proposed the idea of doing a blog to my family, this son was not overjoyed. He sees his mama in front of the computer too much as it is….designing new creations, keeping in touch with friends, gathering website orders and working on the website. I call this son our “compass” sometimes. It is he that notices when we are all going our separate ways too often, or not playing enough together….I notice his expression or too-quiet spirit and then he tells me what is wrong. I am a compass too, of course, but it is nice to have his back-up. Then we stay off the computer for awhile, spend more time playing card games and going for walks….until the next time we need a little nudge.

I promised My Little Compass that I would write here only when he was in bed or out and about….so here I am! It has taken a bit of work to get everything looking pleasant and welcoming. Please let me know what you think. And much as I would like you to find a new post everyday (isn’t it nice when that happens on blogs we love?), I also promised my family I would write when I felt moved to and no more. Reading blogs can be so terribly time-consuming, but so nourishing as well. Just another something to have to keep in balance.