I did get to dip my feet in the ocean last week, and in fact went all the way into the warm, ruffly water in the late afternoon on Thursday. Looking back to the shore where my beautiful mother sat upon the sand, I was filled with peace for a few moments. I will try to remember those moments in the weeks and months ahead when I feel worried and scattered as I have these past several days.

Our long day of doctor’s appointments left us with the diagnosis of “mild dementia” for my sweet mother. It was not a surprise, and in some ways, makes it simpler to accept all that is so difficult in her life now….but a blow, just the same.

It was so lovely, tho’, to walk with her on the beach….gathering shells and watching the shore birds and enjoying the wind in our hair. Most of the shells had holes in them (which will make them easy to string in the future) and the most abundant were the broken fragments of what resembled an Argonauta! When I have more time, I will try to identify the fragments. Since the Argonauta is rare, it is not likely that is what they were….but they were unusual to find in Virginia and meaningful for me to find just now.

We had a family birthday over the weekend, a sick boy and lots of details to take care of for my mother. And today is quite full with preparations for leaving tomorrow for my art retreat….but I did take the time to draw the name for the Artful Blogging giveaway (out of a gorgeous, brown raffia hat that I bought at the Green Festival last year) and am pleased to announce that Deb has won!

I will be away from the computer from Tuesday to Tuesday, but look forward to catching up with Life sometime next week. Perhaps I will be able to gather my thoughts to end the book-club nicely (I never did find enough time to read it last week) and respond to all of your lovely emails and comments….that is my hope.