Hello, dear friends!

I am taking just a little break from growing the pretty stacks of paper things and tucking them up in recycled brown tissue, to send a message out to those in the Washington D.C. area. I will have a booth at The Green Festival this Saturday and Sunday (October 6th and 7th) and would truly love to see you there.

It will be a wonderful opportunity to learn more about living more consciously on our planet, for those who are looking for such encouragement (how I hope you are!). There will be amazing food and drink to sample and so many ecologically-minded businesses…I imagine it will be a very special shopping experience. And speakers and films and much more. And I am happy to be able to offer 15 free tickets to any my readers who would like to come and be inspired. Simply email me about the tickets and I will let you know if there are some available to you and how to get them at the Convention Center lobby on Saturday or Sunday.

I will have many new creations there, that I will get up on the website in the days to come after the show…on the new website, that is, which is in the works and soon to be unveiled. It has been a wonderful distraction to be so very busy and creative as I have been able to be this last week. And I am so touched and grateful for all your concern and sweet sympathy and good wishes. Our dear dog is on the mend, standing next to me at the moment, and I trust that this good show will be the beginning of a warm and happy time for me and my family.

A very interesting and worthy fact about the Green Festival that I learned somewhere in my reading, is that they divert something like 92% of all the “stuff” generated by the show from the landfills. So different from most shows that I do where the styrofoam and cardboard boxes are spilling out of the dumpsters by the end of the weekend. I usually have a large paper coffee-cup full of trash at the end of a show, so I shall feel right at home at The Green Festival, and hope to be able to welcome some of you to my 10 foot by 10 foot “bower” this weekend.