The November issue of Romantic Homes finally arrived in Virginia! I was rewarded with finding it at the bookstore, after finishing up all the tax work with my accountant on Thursday. When I brought the four copies I found on the shelf to the cashier, she was curious that I was buying four copies and I joyfully told her that my work was featured inside. I really believe she jumped up and down-she definitely squealed-and asked me to show her. I regretfully told her that I was saving the “first look” to share with my husband whom I was about to meet because he had a short break from work.

We had a sweet, exciting time taking a first peek at the beautiful photos in the Thanksgiving spread and reading the captions and “where to find” information. And I shared the same little bits with my sons when we had the family together around the table for the first time in awhile for a yummy-blueberry pancake-and-veggie sausage-brunch Friday morning.

This week since I have been home from the amazing Green Festival has been a blur of putting away after a show, tidying the house, preparing our taxes, working on my new website (lots of glitches there, so it will be a bit longer before I can unveil), searching for enough warm clothes and covers to get us through the newly cool weather, getting myself and the kids to the places we needed to be, etc……I have been grateful for the occasional quiet and cosy moments we have enjoyed….around this table, around the first fire of the Autumn.

And I am looking forward to a few solitary, quiet moments when I am at my mother’s house for a day alone to work on the website, before I pick her up from the airport. I expect to read Romantic Homes cover-to-cover then, and begin to relax into the allure of Autumn. It has all been rush, rush, rush up to now….and I need to remember how to pace myself again. There will always be too much to do, but if I can find the balance of doing enough of what needs to be done (the prosaic tasks) to make our little world peaceful and cheerful enough to allow the Poetry of life to enter, then all will be well.

Tho’ this photo is a bit blurry, I really like it for its sense of tranquillity. We managed to gather and enjoy the good food, each other’s company, the oh-so-temporary beauty and order….

and this photo, with its remnants of that accomplishment, makes me look forward to managing it again….soon.