I have not taken a bath all summer-long….an astonishing thought….but this is why:

Tho’ a bath is high atop my list of favorite things, until we set up an outside tub, our outdoor shower is one of my nicest summer pleasures. Depending on the time of day, I can watch hummingbirds flit by, dragonflies perch on a nearby cedar post or hens poke their sweet heads under the curtains. I can always count on the sky arched above me and a breeze moving the leaves of the nearby wild cherry tree. The water falls onto the pebbly cement circle where we stand and then flows through a little copper pipe into another circle with larger pebbles. It makes the loveliest sound…..and it is so satisfying to poke the opening with a twig when it gets clogged with leaves and watch the little torrent of water that is released onto the stones below.

It is so welcoming after a cool swim in the pool to stand under its warm spray. It serves as a dainty dressing room when it is time to change from bathing costume to everyday clothes, and is convenient to the clothesline where we hang up our wet suits and towels. It makes shaving ones legs, if not a pleasure, atleast bearable. And on the hottest of days, is the only thing that gets me out-of-doors.

A coolish-spell of weather has come upon us lately, with the song of the crickets outdoing that of the cicadas. The shower continues to be a place of refreshment….but I am already beginning to make mental lists of how I must savor it before colder weather comes. I have yet to take a moonlit shower, for instance. Or a warm shower during a rain…..my husband had the chance to do that last week when we had a rare downpour without thunder and lightening. He said it was magical!